We Run Around The Rules.

A girl travelling the world, currently in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Manchester, UK is my home.

music. cupcakes. guitar.
mayer. swift. paramore.
augustana. the maine. atl.
manchester. new york. paris. london. barcelona. wilmy.
key lime pie. lemon meringue.
friday night lights. nashville. new girl.

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And there’s a chapter
That I keep on trying to read.
But the pages stick and crumble
Where your fingers used to be.

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All Time Low - Therapy

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Ukelele Times. #studyabroad #paramore #kodaline (at International House)

Learnt my first song on the ukelele today. So much fun. #studyabroad #paramore #wehaveourownstyle #uke (at University of North Carolina Wilmington)


2014 ACM Awards (x)

David Beckham | Bodywear for H&M

Spent a wonderful weekend with the Daniels Family. So thankful. #studyabroad #america #thesouth 🇺🇸🏡 (at Wilmington, NC)

Diving board photos. Loving the sun. #thesouth ☀️ (at Autryville, NC)

Thursdays at UNCW. Our second pool of the day, reaching 31°c. #uncw #friends #studyabroad #sun ☀️🇺🇸 (at Student Recreation Center)


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Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson #tylerknott

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